Wirless network utilization keeps dropping to zero - any ideas?
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My google skills have failed me. My wireless network utilization is very low, or keeps dropping to zero. Other computers on the same network are just fine - what gives?

I have a new Sony Vaio and I recently installed windows 7. About a month after the install I starting having internet connections issues - pages timed out, video loads poorly, etc. A virus scan in safe mode turned up nothing. Did an adware scan too - also clean except for a few cookies.

My GF's computer, which is on the same wireless network, is not having any issues at all.

Ctrl+Alt+Del > Task Manager > Network shows that my Wireless network utilization goes from 0% to a 3.2% to .2% - all very low and frequently dropping to zero - not sure if this is normal.

I pinged www.google.com and I got some poor results too: 4 packets sent, 3 received, 1 lost. Apprx round trip time avg was 43ms - but the result is not consistent - sometimes it's as low as 20ms but other times the "Request timed out."

Does anyone know what might be causing the problem?
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Response by poster: Also note - the network never drops (i.e. I don't get a connection failure from the router).
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Best answer: seen this?
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