Snow! Sledding?
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Where should we go sledding in Boston/Cambridge/Somerville?

Over the cooking bacon, tera-dude just asked "hey, do your metafilter friends know where we should go sledding today?"

So, metafilter friends: we live in Cambridge/Somerville, MA: where is the best place to go sledding for two adults and a dalmatian? Thanks!
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Best answer: Fresh Pond, Cambridge.
posted by Melismata at 7:23 AM on December 20, 2009

Danehy Park is walking distance from Alewife on the Red Line, and has rolling hills and flat pitches. There's also Russell Field even closer to the Alewife station, completely flat.
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cardboard hill. on the Cambridge side of the BU Bridge.
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Best answer: It might be overrun with students, but the giant hill on the Tufts campus is a great place to sled. Heck, I've even seen folks sled down that hill in a garbage dumpster.
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Robbins Park 'way out' in Arlington has a big hill (and a smaller one for kids)
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Best answer: It's out on the orange line, but the Arboretum in JP has some good hills.
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It's a trek and not dog-oriented but...

My wife and I used to go up to the Flume Gorge trail in Franconia Notch when we were in college. You can hike up the trail maybe a mile or two. Since it's all uphill and hikers/ice climbers have packed down the deep snow into a nice narrow chute, you can pretty much treat it like the most awesome sled run on earth. If you're good, you can finish on the covered bridge.
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Came here to say Tufts. President's Lawn is what you want.
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Sledding at the Arboretum is amazing.
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I agree with ellF. The arboretum at Forest Hills on the Orange line has some great spots. Hooray snow!
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What ellF said; I didn't know there was anywhere else one would even consider sledding around there...
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Response by poster: Thanks all. We ended up at Fresh Pond, and while we were the only people there without children, we had a great time! Will check out the Arboretum next time.
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