Cool, easy tattoo parlor website template?
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What should I use to set up a simple, cool-looking small business site for a non-techy friend?

I bought my cousin-in-law 2 domains for Christmas related to his tattoo parlor. (I searched his small business and found that they didn't have a web page and some other business took the most obvious way to spell their URL.)

I've only hand written a webpage in HTML before or grabbed one of Dreamhost's default WordPress themes.

I don't want to become the business's tech support.

I just want to hand him a paper with a URL and a user name and password and there will be an easily update-able web page with the business, address, link to Google directions and blog and/or Twitter feed and a gallery (possibly a Flickr pull in?)

Do I use Google Sites? Is there a theme that is suitable for a pretty tough tattoo crowd that's easy to use?

Do I host it on my own Dreamhost with a WordPress theme? Is there a WordPress theme you'd recommend?

Low effort. Cool enough. Doesn't require a regular outlay of cash or tech effort. Help?
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I wouldn't even mess with Dreamhost, honestly. More for you to maintain, keep up with security, etc. Just buy the domain and set it up to point to a new blog at Use the pages as 'web pages' and the blog to, well, blog.
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I use wordpress blogs as websites for people all the time.. They are easy to set up and easy to manage.. Then turn them loose on the WP themes and let them pick one..
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Squarespace is something you might consider.
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Response by poster: I already have dreamhost for my accounts and have his URLs registered through my account there, so I'll be using it at least for redirects.

I don't mind paying a one time, but I'm not up for anything with a monthly charge, so something like Squarespace is off the table as well.
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Joomla CMS is user friendly, and can be installed in one click. via most hosting providers.

Articles can be edited form the front end so once it is set up, pages are easy to edit without having to learn how to administrate the back end.

Though wordpress might be easier.
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You don't have to do anything at Dreamhost except setup an A record in your DNS settings if you go the route.
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