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I am going to a wedding in Zurich in May, and I would like to go to the beach to relax for a week before the wedding. Where are some good beach vacation locations where I can vacation cheaply, and still travel to Zurich for the wedding.
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You'd better route this query to the Swiss navy.
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Croatia's coastal areas have been gaining a reputation as a cheap alternative to the French Riviera, and they're not far by plane from Zurich. You should check to see if there's a budget airline link between the two.
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A lot of the small towns along the Italian Riviera are nice and not too expensive.
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I visited Lugano when I went to zurich. it's a 2 hour train ride. Beautiful place on the italian/swiss border. I'll find some info, and post it later.
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It's not cheap, but I second Lugano. And Locarno, and Maggiore, and really any of the lakeside places in Ticino and Northern Italy. It's beautiful and mellow.
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Italian beaches are your best bet from Zurich. It will be uncrowded at that time of year, and you can probably get to the coast around Genoa in a few hours on the train.
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