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I am potentially going to be traveling to Louisville, Kentucky, on a business trip. I'm staying for 8 nights and I could stay in the company hotel, but they force us to share, so I'm looking for alternatives that will allow me to have a private room without completely busting my budget. I need to be within walking distance of the Kentucky International Convention Center on 4th between Jefferson and Market. I'm also curious about this neighborhood in general -- safe? walkable?
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Do both. Agree to company hotel. Then the person with whom you are sharing could take 4 nights each in the alternative thus cutting your expense in half and you both get 4 nights alone in company digs.
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The neighborhood is reasonably safe, although it may depend on your comfort level and where you come from. I never had any trouble there beyond the occasional panhandler. The area around the Convention Center is walkable for most things other than maybe groceries, depending on your range and the weather. Dunno if you'll find an affordable alternative that would be walking distance to the Convention Center, though. Maybe if we could have more info on what price range you want and where your company would put you?
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When I had that scenario happen, the company let me pay the difference between the shared room and the non-shared room. Just came out of my spending allowance. See if they will go for something like that? I think they had a deal with the hotel, however, and it was fairly reasonable.

Or, if you get a car, there are lots of hotels on the periphery of the area that probably sit relatively unused when there isn't a Kentucky Derby in town. Maybe near one of the universities?

I was in Louisville a while back, and I loved it. Really liked the balance of "Southern Charm" and "Yankee Efficiency" (or whatever it is us yankees are known for). I never had any trouble walking around, although I can't remember if I walked around in that particular area. My hazy memory was that of dilettante's, most likely perfectly safe, but possibly a little hinky. Sort of like Fells Point in B-more (but not as intense or big). Lots of different societal influences going on all at once.
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When I was in Louisville for training, I stayed at the Hampton Inn at Jefferson & 1st. You can easily walk to the Convention Center from there, but the hotel also had a shuttle that would take you to nearby places. Also, 4th Street is where practically all the nearby restaurants and things are.

Compared to Chicago's downtown, the area felt very abandoned. Louisville is the kind of city where everyone drives, so my group often were the only people on the sidewalk, besides the occasional panhandler. Nevertheless, it seemed generally safe; not run-down or otherwise sketchy. If I recall, it gets less desirable West of 9th or East of the highway.
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I'll be with company folks all day long, so I really don't mind staying elsewhere for a bit of isolation and solitude.

The hotel headquarters is the Hyatt across from the Convention Center and the company will allow you to request a private room if they are available (but that has been cost prohibitive in the past).

I've found a rate of $75/night at the Econo Lodge Downtown -- not luxurious, but I don't need luxury -- just quiet.

I will have a car so I can leave the area, but I don't want to drive into the area each day because then I'll have to pay for parking.

Thanks for all the info.
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I used to set up training sessions like this, and we would put people in their own rooms if they had a documented medical reason why they needed their own room. Are you a really loud snorer? Do you have trouble sleeping? Get your Dr. to write you a note if your company will accept that.
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