Favorite Fitness Blogs?
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What are your favorite Running/Weight Lifting/Fitness blogs?

I'm an avid runner/weight lifter, and reading about people who do the same help to keep me motivated. What are your favorite fitness blogs?

(I read Runner's World and Stumptuous frequently)
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It's more of a forum than a blog, but there's usually good info to be found...

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I've recently discovered www.nerdfitness.com and enjoy it.
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Other than Stumptuous, which of course you already mentioned, I'm fond of Cranky Fitness, The Great Fitness Experiment, and Truth2BeingFit. My top favorite used to be Fitness Fixation; the author has been updating it pretty infrequently in recent months, but the archives are very fun.
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It's more of a life-tracking site, but if you are looking for other runners for motivation, check out the running logs on zeaLOG. I've had great luck using group logs (particularly weight loss logs) to keep motivated.
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This lady posts videos and info about new workout routines almost everyday. Her workouts are generally pretty challenging, but you can search the archives for some great beginner workouts. As a plus, the exercises on her blog are mostly body-weight based, meaning weights and/or a gym are not required.

One factor that contributes to the motivational capabilities of her videos is that, as you will see, she is incredibly hot. Regardless of your gender or sexual orientation, fitness of this magnitude is impressive, demands respect, and inspires the viewer to aspire to such levels of hawtness.
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as you will see, she is incredibly hot

Holy -
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