Vbulletin forums: how to download threads for offline reading?
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Does anyone know of a utility to download threads from vbulletin-based forums? I'm heading off the grid for a while, and would like to save some things for reading.

I realise that vbulletin lets you display a print-friendly page which you can then save, but some of the boards limit the post count per page to 40, so I have to save long threads as "page 1", "page 2" and so on.

I've also used Teleport Pro in the past, but I'd like something that doesn't so much mirror the structure of the forum, but that simply downloads specified threads into a single HTML page.
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SiteSucker? It is a Mac app that (supposedly) allows you to download entire websites. You might be able to download a thread. IDK for sure.
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Ack. Should have mentioned I use Windows. Thanks anyway. Sitesucker seems similar to Teleport Pro; I can certainly download the entire site, but I'm really after something that I can point to a thread and have it update if posts are later added to the thread.

Teleport Pro will do this, but it will also pull in a lot of other pages since it looks for links either 1,2, 3 etc links away from the current page.
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