Where can I find britpop posters?
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I'm looking for a place to buy a big poster of the britpop bands Pulp or Suede as a gift for a friend.

After extensive googling, I can only find tabloid sized full-page ads from music magazines. I'm looking for a BIG poster, like 27x40 or thereabouts. If it were a signed something or other, that would probably work, too. I've tried big poster sites like AllPosters, PosterVault, etc. So those are out.
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Seconding ebay. Although, it looks like big Pulp posters are a bit thin on the ground. I found this ebay store, which had some slightly larger Pulp posters. Good luck!
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Push Posters has been good to me in the past, particularly for britpop type bands and older stuff that can be difficult to find. They are UK-based but do ship internationally and it's not super-expensive.
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