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to dinner party or not to dinner party?

My partner and i have been planning for MONTHS to have our parents meet. We also invited our siblings and their partners and grandma. There are 11 of us all together. I have been menu planning and getting ready forever and we are super excited. Especially because my family is a bit noncommital and weird so it is kind of a big deal that they are making the 2 hour drive out here.

So wonderful boyfriend brought me a burger yesterday from Red Robin and it was the only thing I ate all day after spending the previous night up all night working on PhD applications. About 4 hours after I ate it became clear that I had food poisoning. I had already only had 2 hours sleep and spent all of last night in the bathroom- I'm a bit of a basketcase but finally feel better.

Should we cancel the party? First of all I don't want to gross people out that I'm cooking for them after being sick but I feel confident that it was not the stomach flu and was in fact food poisoning. I do however, want to be honest with them because I'm probably not looking all that great and... I don't know. I'm probably not going to eat much.(Side question- do I not tell them?)

It has been such a big deal to get everyone on board for this dinner and we're pumped and also concerned of how long it may take to reschedule the gig. My partner has been awesome and not only helped me out all night but said that it is up to me whether or not we cancel.

If we go ahead with the dinner I am making the big stuff and I delegated out side dishes and other food to others so I am not planning on cooking everything. Also if it matters I still had symptoms as early as 9 this morning. I think I'm on 5 hours of sleep over the course of 2 days.
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Even if you are certain you don't have the flu - the fact remains that you are still sick (exhausted). I'd reschedule (I rememeber how I felt post food poisioning - it's the worst).

If your families are already in transit, then go ahead.
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If you can muster the energy, I'd go ahead with it. You can tell people that you've had a couple of restless nights. IMO, no need to tell them about being sick. And, if there is any concern on your part, be sure to wash your hands well periodically dure prep.
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The Mayo Clinic has some information on food poisoning. It's common for people to blame the most recent thing they ate but 4 hours is very much on the short side for most causes.
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Being overexcited about the upcoming dinner may have contributed to your sickness. If you feel you must go through with it, don't cook. Ask your partner to cook or get takeout dishes.
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Could you simplify your menu and/or ask your boyfriend to pitch in more? I know you say you're making the "big stuff" with others making the side dishes, but maybe you could make something simpler.

Good luck!
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I was also going to suggest doing take-out for at least some of it. I know that making a good impression on everyone is probably important, but I think you could say "Hey, I've been sick but I really wanted to see everyone" and everyone would probably understand.

I think, mostly, you probably need sleep and rest more than anything else, so any sort of shortcut you can take would be good for you. I remember being so wiped out after having food poisoning, even for days afterward.
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I would get tested for H1N1 if I were you.
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Phooey, I say. Say nothing and cook dinner if you have the energy; if you don't, order food and just tell everyone you've just recovered but still wanted to bring everyone together.

I really, really think it's nuts to imagine you will make a house full of guests ill by cooking under these circumstances. Just wash your hands in the normal, frequent, kitchen-hygiene manner and enjoy your evening.
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Thanks everyone- we ended up pushing through with the dinner. My boyfriend ended up doing mostly everything and it was fantastic. Everyone knew but no one was grossed out. They didn't even give me a hard time when I only ate about 2 bites of a roll (I put some food on my plate though). I'm glad we did it! I am also glad that I was able to sleep for 15 hours and I that I am finally feeling better (and hungry)!
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