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What are some "good will" alternatives to Christmas in Denver?

What's something I can do in or around Denver that will be beneficial for someone less fortunate this Christmas? I'm open to pretty much open to helping with any job or task. I'd prefer something through an organization but ideas for random acts of kindness help as well.
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I don't know what Habitat for Humanity is doing over the holidays, but I'm sure they always have the need for someone to help out with things around the office, among other things.

The main reason I'm mentioning this is because I have a friend who got a house through the Denver branch, and I'd love to send some more good will their way :) Mail me if you'd like some specifics.
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A hospital or nursing home might be open to someone coming to just visit with the patients/residents, especially the ones who won't have any visitors otherwise.
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Over here on the western slope, we've got an organization that is delivering Christmas dinner to elderly & infirm shut-ins ~ they need help with driving and with cooking, maybe there's something similar over there?
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