Affordable therapist in Charlotte
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Asking for a family member. We're looking for affordable counseling in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Sibling needs counseling, parents can't pay. Can you recommend cheap or sliding scale counselors in Charlotte, NC? Ideally experienced with family counseling and adolescents. Email me at
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Hey there, I am looking for something almost exactly the same for a friend except they are in Asheville I have been poking around the state social services websites in NC. You might want to try contacting the number on this website and asking if they have any suggestions..

It's the mental health assn for the central Carolinas...too bad what I need is in the western part of the state.
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Check to see if either of the parents' employers offer an EAP (employee assistance program). Many times, the EAP will be able to offer short-term support over the phone (from licensed clinicians) and will be able to provide a certain number of free or very inexpensive sessions with a counselor, as well as provide a referral to a counselor in your area.
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