Where's the best place to buy classical CDs in Winnipeg?
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Are there any good brick-and-mortar places to buy classical music CDs in Winnipeg, MB?

I'm flying up to Winnipeg to visit my family for Christmas this year. My current plan is to buy gifts for them at brick-and-mortar stores in the days leading up to Christmas. I'm hoping to be able to buy a classical CD or two as a gift for my sister; however, I'm not sure where the best place is to go to do this.

My go-to place for classical CDs in Winnipeg used to be the downtown A&B Sound; they had a huge selection in all genres, especially classical. Unfortunately, they closed down years ago. I know that Winnipeg's not a huge city, but there's got to be enough old-fashioned classicophiles around to allow at least one store to stock more than a few dusty old copies of Beethoven 5 and "Tchaikovsky's Greatest Hits" — right? Or am I stuck with what's available at the HMV locations in St. Vital or Polo Park?
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Oh, and before someone suggests it: I'd rather not pay for expedited shipping, which I'm pretty sure would be necessary at this point to order CDs online. If I can't find a good brick-and-mortar place for CDs, I'll just buy my sister something else.
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I don't know that it will be the best option but McNally Robinson book stores have Music sections. The music selection at the Polo Park store is bigger.
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