Fuzzy lined sweatshirt for Christmas!
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Bought a beautiful fuzzy lined sweatshirt as a gift, got wrong the size, now they are sold out. Any replacement ideas?

I bought my mother (age 53) this for Christmas, but when it came in the mail it seemed too small and they are sold out of nearly every size. I have been searching through all the normal stores I shop at and then some for something similar. I've already checked out Banana Republic, Land's End, L.L.Bean, Macy's, Nordstrom, Kohl's, JCPenney, Ann Taylor Loft, Bloomingdale's, J. Crew, and more. What am I missing? This doesn't seem like an unusual item, so surely there must be something similar out there somewhere...

I liked this at Gap, but the colors are too plain.

Thanks in advance, I know I am picky! I just feel awful that I found the perfect thing and now it's gone!

I am looking for:
-zip-up sweatshirt
-comfy fit
-warm, fuzzy lining
-petite size
-pink, purple, or blue, maybe jewel tones?
-no huge logos or anything, something small might be okay
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I know you said you looked at LL Bean, but did you see these two:

Hoodie 1

Hoodie 2
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What about this from JC Penney? There's also this from Old Navy...they only seem to have XS on the website, but I was in an actual Old Navy yesterday and they had a TON of them in all sorts of colors and sizes. Finally, I think this North Face hoodie is adorable, especially in the blue color.
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did you try calling an actual bricks and mortar store from this brand, to see if there's one in store, and if they can check inventory at other stores for you? sometimes the online shopping inventory is different.
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I don't know if it's possible for a petite woman to wear a child's shirt and have it fit right, but my son has this sweatshirt (if the link doesn't work: Boys' Lined Full-zip Hoodie from Lands End). It almost fits me, and it's so very comfortable. Girly colors here.
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I ended up ordering the cute one from JC Penney. Hopefully I will like it as much as the Eddie Bauer one!

I did try calling the Eddie Bauer store nearest me before I went on this online hunt. I guess none of the brick and mortar stores carry petite sizes, which is a bummer.

Thanks for your help!
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Just got the sweatshirt in today. I am very disappointed because the lining is only on the hood part. The rest of it seems soft, but it's just not as thick and warm as I had hoped. :(
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