EarthLink? WTF? OMG!
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So I recently moved, and as I always do, got an account with Time Warner (who are pretty much the only option in the part of Austin where I live). I noticed that my IP was resolving as either "" or "" when it should be "", but didn't think much of it. However, today I found a letter in the mail containing "important information about your EarthLink account." Wot's, uh, the deal?

I didn't sign a contract with EarthLink and wouldn't, due to their Scientology connections. This is on top of the fact that my down speed is about half what it was not 15 miles from here.
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No idea why you wound up with Earthlink at the new place. Perhaps the previous resident had Earthlink and your IP hasn't been moved back to Roadrunner.

(Since 2000, EarthLink has sold its broadband Internet service over TWC’s cable modem network. The agreement was originally an outgrowth of Time Warner’s merger with AOL, as government regulators sought to protect ISP competitors.)

A call to TWC should* straighten things out.

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I believe that RR and all the major bandwidth providers have tie-ups with other companies that provide "added value." I was an RR customer for a while, and they kept trying to get me to use some kind of Yahoo (?) portal at the time. Earthlink is apparently their affiliate du jour.

I recently received junk mail that was sent under TWC's postal imprint promising "Earthlink® High Speed Internet through Time Warner Cable." Which I guess means that Earthlink doesn't have any of their own infrastructure around Austin, but want access to this market.
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Look, you just gotta call your ISP(s). No one on here is going to be able to help you when it comes right down to it.

Note that ISPs occasionally lease bandwidth from each other though. In New York I was technically a customer of some local, "independent" ISP, but they got all their bandwidth from TWC, so my IP resolution would indicate that.
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You're in the same boat I am -- no big worry. Here in Chapel Hill, NC Time Warner offers two flavors of High Speed Internet, Road Runner and Earthlink. Five years ago when I signed up for high-speed internet with Time Warner, they gave me a choice, Road Runner or Earthlink. There were only slight differences in services and features between the two. I don't remember what they were, but for whatever reason I picked Earthlink. Now five years later I still technically have an Earthlink account and my IP resolves to That seems to be how TWC does things. Here's what the Time Warner NC site says. There might be an Austin equivalent.
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cptspalding: That's pretty much what I guessed, I just wanted to see if it was the same for others.
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Also, obviously I could call Time Warner, but it'd probably take hours to get a satisfactory answer. Their tech support isn't exactly the greatest in the world for anything but "plug the ethernet cable into the router" or "why's the cable out" type answers.
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