Printing large custom sizes in LA?
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Is there a print shop in Los Angeles that excels in dealing with large custom sizes (10x13 and/or 13x20)?

I'm making parts for a piece of orchestra music that requires these custom sizes. I know that places like Kelly Paper and xpedx can make the paper for me, but after that I still need access to a large-format printer. The way I see it I have a couple options:

1) Find a place that would allow me to handle the printing myself. This would be ideal, as there's a lot of finicky specifics that are easy to mess up, and I've had bad experiences with LA print shops in the past.

2) Find a place that has a lot of experience handling custom sizes -- maybe even one that specializes in music copying.

Can anyone recommend such a mythologically awesome print shop?
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Best answer: try calling colortek/digital plus on Jefferson blvd. in Culver City. They wont let you use their printers yourself, but they specialize in this sort of thing and will work very closely with you.
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Best answer: pazazygeek, thanks for your answer, even though I ended up going somewhere else.

For posterity: I went to Color Images in Burbank, because it was slightly more convenient location-wise, and they had a bunch of good reviews on yelp. I brought my own 10x13 paper, which they had no problem with, and charged me 10 cents a page (5 cents a side really). I was hoping they could tape bind the parts too, but unfortunately their binding machine couldn't do larger than 11".

Anyway, it was a generally positive experience and I'd go back there again. It was surprisingly hard to find a place that could even print on 10x13 in the first place!
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