Geeky things to do in Paris?
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Geek loose in Paris for a week - What to do?

So a friend of mine is going to Paris for a week and is looking for a few geeky things to do while there. Not the typical touristy stuff, she's looking for some hard core nerd experiences. Having never been there and my google-fu failing me, I'm turning to you, the metarati. You're my only hope.
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I went to the Musee des arts et metiers while I was there, and I loved it -- it's huge, and a total engineering geek heaven.

I don't know if that's the sort of nerdy/geeky stuff she's interested in, but it was really cool. Lots of stuff about the history of scientific instruments, and materials, and construction, and transportation...
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I'm surprised noone mentioned the paris sewers!
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Paris Sewer Museum
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Deyrolle is bliss for naturalist or bio geeks.
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The Palais de la découverte has some cool demos with liquid nitrogen, static electricity, magnetic fields, or even math stuff like geometry from 1 to n dimensions. You may need to book.
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Find a cataphile and get them to take you for a tour!
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Go to the Pere La Chaise Cemetaire. Not only is Jim Morrison buried there, but also Isadora Duncan and many many actors, singers, authors, and philosophers!

Definitely the catacombs!
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Yes, don't miss the Musee des arts et metiers or the catacombs. If she's interested in bohemian culture, have absinthe at Les Furieux, a bar near the Bastille metro stop.
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