Can I use snowboard wax on nordic skiis?
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Nordic ski filter: I moved last year and now I can't find the hot wax I have for my nordic skiis, but I found the hot wax for my snowboard. Are there any huge differences in the two? Can I hot wax my skiis with snowboard wax?

The snowboard wax I found is like this one. I have to go out and get new grip wax anyways, since that also got lost in the move... but I'd rather not have to pay $30-40 for a new set of hot wax if I don't have to.
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I assume you are waxing a ski for classic nordic skiing (not skating). If you simply want acceptable glide, then I would say go for it. People can get quite carried away with waxing, and while it makes a difference, I would say diminishing returns set in quite fast. So, yeah: hot wax with your (existing) glide wax. Make sure you have a good basebinder for the grip wax pocket, and you should be good to go.
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There isn't much, if any, difference between the two (theoretically, the nordic wax may be formulated to last a little longer versus snowboard wax which may be formulated to be a little faster, but unless you are buying very expensive race waxes, I doubt there is much or any difference).

However, the wax you link to is too fancy and expensive, unless you want to race. You can buy glide wax for half that price or less if you can make it to any reasonable xc shop or to MEC.
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