Dwight's nutcracker
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What type of nutcracker was Dwight given on The Office episode "Secret Santa"?

I'm trying to get my Office-loving friend the same nutcracker that Michael got Dwight for secret Santa. I've looked online for a bit, and I can't find it anywhere. I'm wondering if maybe some of you have some good suggestions about where I could buy one. Thanks!
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I searched and searched and this was the best I can find (and I'm warning you, it's not even close): Stainless steel nutcracker.

I tried searching for it by naming the parts... chute, crank, gear, stainless steel/metal/aluminum.
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I don't know what they're called, but we made these ourselves in high school metal shop. Maybe there's some plans for one online?
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Bonus points if you rubber-band it together to look like a gun when you give it to him.
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Still not it, but just as good?
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