Teach an old Terrier new doubles tennis tricks, please.
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Any good web pages/videos describing tennis doubles strategy in depth?

Years after playing competitive tennis in high school, I have returned (pun intended). I now know I know nothing about doubles strategy--does the hive know of good webpages or videos? A search of usta.com didn't yield what I'm hoping to find, such as 'chalkboard' illustrations of where to position one's self in a variety of situations, suggested techniques, etc., all collected together.

Thanks in advance!
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Best answer: A quick look in the Wayback Machine brought me to the Operation Doubles site, and depending on how bad you want them, you can still get the guide and animated flash doubles strategy lessons from share*it. They do have some instructional videos available online (thumbnails take a while to load), though I didn't see any pertaining specifically to doubles strategy.
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Response by poster: Thanks, I never thought of using the Wayback Machine!
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