Machine Washable EEEPC Case?
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I was sick all weekend. I brought some dayquil to work with me in my backpack...along with my eeepc 1000he....

The cap came off the bottle and spilled all over the inside of the backpack..soaking the eeepc case and the book I was reading. They are now a nice day-glo orange color. The netbook is fine, but I want to find out if the case (the standard case that comes with the eeepc) is machine washable. I guess it doesn't matter too much, as I will not be using it anymore if it's not...but I just thought I would ask.

It looks like a neoprene sort of material, but it is soaked through with the dayquil.

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I wouldn't run it through a spin cycle or anything of the sort, but a swish in the washer might do the trick. Hand washing in the sink would have pretty much the same result. As you say, the worst case is that it's still ruined, so you might as well give it a try.
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Just soak the whole thing in a sink full of very hot tap water for an hour. Drain the (now pinkish) water and refill with fresh clean hot water. Repeat until the water stays clear. Let it dry flat.

I'd definitely avoid washing machines here.
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while mine isn't on hand at the moment, I'm pretty sure the case for the 1000HE is made from neoprene. A quick google search seems to indicate that hand-washing is the way to go.
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Assuming the case is neoprene, you aren't going to hurt it by getting it wet. After all, they make wetsuits out of this stuff. Just be gentle enough not to tear stitching and let it air dry.
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I accidentally washed my eee PC case earlier this year. It ran the full cycle (gentle/cold), landed in the dryer with the other dark clothes (medium setting), and came out fine. It's not quite as *crisp* looking as it was when it went in (it was new), and I wish it hadn't happened. But if you need to get DayQuil out of yours, I think you can do this on purpose. (I'd let it air dry, though)
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went through the washer last night...spin dry twice.....this morning it was still a bit damp, but no damage....and no dayquil. So I'm letting it dry today and I expect it will be just fine when I get home from work this evening.

Thanks for all the comments :)

Too bad I can't do the same with the book that now has the lower 1/4 stained bright orange.
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