Old Bosch jigsaw model equivalent?
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I'm looking for a second hand jigsaw that is equivalent in quality to a Bosch GST 100 BCE - any ideas?

In a hilarious yet really damn annoying mishap, one of the tradespeople who worked on our kitchen recently took a jigsaw that a builder friend lent us. We've asked them all, but they claim not to have it - so, it's replacement time. Unfortunately the model of jigsaw, above, is no longer current.

What is a model of equivalent quality that I can look for second hand? Even better, any idea where I could pick up a GST 100 BCE in New Zealand for under $NZ200?
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Have you tried eBay?

I am a Bosch jigsaw owner in the USA, where that model is not available. Looking at a Googled pic of the GST 100 BCE, I see that it has a quick-release lever for the blade. That makes it a fairly recent model, not something several years old.

Among current models, it looks as if the GST 120 BE is a pretty close match. Same blade-change feature, same wattage.

Assuming again that the saws available there are similar to the saws available here, Bosch pretty much has a lock on the market for excellent jigsaws. I'm guessing you need to get another Bosch, as almost any other brand will be inferior. You also need to avoid the cheaper, green-colored models that Bosch markets to DIY enthusiasts.
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Sigh. Thanks, that's helpful. Though unfortunate.

The fact that it's completely not our fault that the jigsaw went missing means it's a pisser. And the fact that I didn't even want him to lend it to us is salt in the wound.
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