Thin pencil anyone?
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I'm looking for a 'thin' pencil...

I recently purchased a PicoPad . Overall I've been impressed with the product but I've found the pen supplied not to be 100% reliable and I'd much rather write with a pencil.

Could someone point me in the direction of a thin and short pencil that I can use instead of the supplied pen?

You can really get the size of pen by watching this video.
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Is an eighth of an inch small enough?
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I can't find any exact dimensions on it, but the Mini TS-3 Mechanical Pencil is also pretty thin but longer. I can't any info on the US Zebra pens site, so it might be Japan-only, and you're stuck with Jetpens or eBay.

Also, if you're willing to try out a pen that is "guaranteed" to write in all situations, you could use the refill from a Space Pen and add "wings" like the PicoPen.
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Try this. There is a pack of 6 'mini pencils' here too.
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I've been using / abusing a Zebra mini mechanical pencil for a few years now. Like this:
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