Where can I buy heirloom seeds in Gainesville, FL?
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Gardening Filter: Where can I buy heirloom fruit and vegetable seeds in Gainesville FL?

I'm visiting the folks in Gainesville Fl. My dad is an avid gardener and prides himself on giving home-grown produce to his friends and neighbors. I would love to give him seeds for unusual varieties of fruits and vegetables.

He was diagnosed with lung cancer earlier this year. While his prognosis sucks, he is doing very well right now - he still has a very active life and still loves to play in the dirt. Obviously (or not) the gift has a lot of symbolic value and I want to get it right.

Is there a place in town where I can go to find non-GMO, non-hybrid, strange and yummy seeds for his garden? Bonus points if this place is staffed by folks who know what they are doing - since I clearly don't.

If there isn't a place in Gainesville, is there an online retailer that you would recommend? I'm kind of overwhelmed by the options out there.

Thanks So Much!
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For mailorder, I'd suggest Pinetree Garden Seeds / Superseeds.com. They have a tremendous variety of such seeds.
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What about Seeds of Change or Seed Savers Exchange? I've ordered heirloom seeds from both companies and have been quite happy with them.

I hope your dad turns out ok, and that he has many more happy seasons in the garden ahead of him!
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You/he would like the Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds catalog.
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I've been ordering from Fedco for about 10 years now. They carry many older varieties and are clear about what is or isn't a hybrid and what was grown in open pollinated fields. They are cheap, their quality is terrific, and while this won't be so important to you, most of what they sell grows in Maine, making it good for pretty much all of New England.
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Agreed: mailorder! And agreed that Seed Savers, Seeds of Change, and Fedco are fast and have wonderful selections.
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You can mail order organic seeds from High Mowing Seeds. They have a ton of heirlooms.
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I second the seeds from Seeds of Change, Seed Savers Exchange and Baker Creek. You may also want to try Sand Hill Preservation Center.
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Thank you all so much. Your suggestions were tremendously helpful.
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