Ads where a word is worth 1000 pictures
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Great text-driven (print) ads from 2009?

I'm currently working on a project that involves championing the text component of advertising: finding ads where the text is front and centre as opposed to the visual, and language is used intelligently and playfully to sell an idea or concept. I've got a few things lined up, from local businesses to national campaigns, but I'd like to see more ads, most likely print/billboard ads (but TV/Web is also a possibility) where the written word (i.e. visually present, a clever script read with no words on-screen won't cut it) is the star, and does its job remarkably well. Ideas?
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Communication Arts is a good place to look for great print design, particularly their Advertising Annual issue (link to 2008's). I think the 2009 edition comes out this month. The Design Annual issue will also include some advertising, but wait for the Advertising Annual, which will totally focus on ads (mostly print, but some other media).
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Best answer: Check out Ketel One magazine ads, which have a number where it is just a blank white piece of paper on it with a one sentence message.
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Does OMFG count as text?
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Best answer: The Montreal Gazette has an award winning advertising campaign called appropriately "Words matter".
I found an article here and four ads (2 tv, 1 print, 1 radio) here and 9 other ads (tv, print, posters) on the bleublanrouge ad agency's web site (left box, 2nd from left).
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