What is the best thing you ever found in your Chex Mix?
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What is the best thing you ever found in your Chex Mix?

I am making Chex Mix as a gift for coworkers this year, and I'd like to make it really awesome. I'm leaning towards spicy flavors rather than adding anything sweet (I'm in south Louisiana - we make everything spicy). What would be some interesting additions to the Chex Mix that would be both unique and amazingly tasty? As of now I am planning to use pretty basic seasonings - heavy on the Worchestire and adding a ton of Tony Chachere's/Tabasco.

Any suggestions for yummy additions or recipes for a "cajun" chex mix would be wonderful!
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Maybe some hot and spicy peanuts?
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I like it when party mixes have little crackers in them, that are more crispy than crunchy/hard. Maybe you could use hot and spicy Cheez-It crackers? They have a green Tabasco version and a Pepper Jack version.
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Wasabi peas.
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I think Buffalo wings chex mix is what the cool kids are doing...
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Thai pepper seeds.
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Shameless self-link: My grandmother's recipe. Definitely more spicy and flavorful than your average Chex Mix, with Tabasco, cayenne pepper and hickory smoke salt. The cereal/pretzel/nut mix is the same as usual, but this spice mix is the best I've ever had.
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Original Corn Bugles
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In my opinion there are few things yummier than savory candied nuts. You can make them just like regular candied nuts, but add a savory spice mix--preferably something a little smoky as well as spicy.
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Bagel chips and/or roasted chickpeas.
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I like the chunks of Chexmix that meld together during the baking, so you get these big bombs of condensed seasoning.
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Combos also work.
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I like the Rold Gold Honey-Wheat pretzels, broken up into smaller pieces.

I've also had Cheeze-Its in a cajun-style Chex Mix and they made an excellent addition.
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There used to be a Gardetto's snack mix that had these little crispy spirals of yummy. They looked like uncooked spiral pasta, but crunched like a cracker.
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Seconding jonp72's suggestion of Corn Bugles as well as maybe a scattering of M&Ms, because, really, savory and sweet? DELISH.
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Spiced, candied pecans.
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Sesame sticks would be good.
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No no no. Well, yeah, actually, yes yes yes: including some interesting ingredient(s) is a great idea but come on - the real best thing that comes in Chex Mix is those few, magnificent pieces of stuff that sopped up more than their share of butter/salt/spice dope. So, you game that system and make a little extra dope and TOTALLY SOAK an extra cup of Chex in it and then sprinkle those ringers throughout. Instead of 3 or 4 turbo pieces each bag would have, say, 20.

Yum. Send me a bag.
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rice crackers from the Asian grocery!
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Brazil nuts. But then, I happen to love Brazil nuts.
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I use Bacon Salt in mine, and everyone raves about it.
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Raisin-ettes. Oh, the joy of finding those in there. (added after the baking)
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Sesame sticks would be nice, especially if you could impregnate them with soy sauce. Also consider some Beer Nuts (from my home town!) for a little sweetness to offset the spicy/salty/umaminess.

Damn, now you've given me some ideas for what to bring to my local brewpub's Xmas party this Sunday. Mmm baby!
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Almost anything, as long as it isn't stale. We call this stuff "crack" around our house, and for good reason. Unless it has old socks or metal shavings in it, it's pretty much all good.

Some real good suggestions here, BTW. My mouth is watering...
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In my teenage years I had a recurring nightmare where I'd be eating a bowl of Chex Mix and cockroaches would be hidden inside so that when you bite down on the cereal, you are actually biting down on a squishy cockroach.

I have no idea of this dream came from some movie I watched or what, but to this day when I pour a bowl of Chex Mix, I pay close attention for cockroach legs and antennae.
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Honeycomb cereal, really great and makes it wonderful. And puffed Cheetos (add after baking).
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Make sure you put Cheerios in it.
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I make tons and tons of Chex mix every Christmas. These are things I swear by:

-- I buy one of those HUGE disposable foil roaster pans, so I can make double batches and can stir it easily, without spilling it all over the kitchen. I wash it and reuse it throughout Chex mix season, then throw it away after I'm done.

-- I pretty much follow the "original" Chex mix recipe (because i'm old skool), but I use good quality nuts, wheat pretzels, and bagel chips (preferably sesame), broken into bite-sized pieces.

-- My "secret" ingredient is parmesean cheese, sprinkled over the hot Chex mix right after I pull it from the oven.

I have my first Chex mix "run" of the season in oven right now!
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Make warm melted peanut butter with a little added butter or margarine (on stove or in microwave). Toss just the Chex cereal element of your mix in melted peanut butter / butter blend 'just enough' to saturate and coat cereal. Spread in single layer on baking pan and chill briefly in fridge. Peanut butter should only be on the cereal; no excess dripping off or you used too much. Then when still slightly sticky, toss peanut butter / butter infused cereal in powdered sugar (confectioners sugar). Incorporate into your mix. Mindblowingly good when seasoned with a spicy seasoning.
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Slim Jims, sliced into small discs. Tajin lime/chile seasoning.

And, uh, pot.

The first step of making pot brownies is to gently heat weed in butter (link, link). You eventually strain and cook with the butter (and you're certainly not limited to making brownies). Chex Mix involves butter.
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Nthing Cheerios. Similar to what dirtdirt said, they totally soak up the butter/Worc mixture and become these wonderful, salty little nuggets.

That said, I also am the biggest fan of Just Plain Old Chex without all that other stuff in it, taking away precious buttery, salty goodness from the cereal.

(Damn this diet. Now I'm seriously craving.)
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I'm of the opinion that all truly great Chex Mix has pecans in it.

Also, Cheez-Its are surprisingly good in it, as are goldfish crackers.
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Trader Joe's Thai Chili cashews would be good because they would add a touch of sweetness as well as a blast of heat.
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My mother-in-law adds Teddy Grahams, which are surprisingly tasty. Toast the stale ones to get the crunchiness.
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Response by poster: Awesome suggestions everyone, thanks! I'll be trying a few different batches tonight, so I'll let you know how they turn out!
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