Enough with the honking, seriously.
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Why are all these trucks honking in downtown Los Angeles? FOR HOURS.

So I live in Little Tokyo and for the second time in almost a month, huge semi trucks are all parking around Union Station and just laying on their horns. It is impossibly annoying and I cannot find any information online, other than a story about trucks on 11/16 in Long Beach protesting the new dock regulations.

Last time, it lasted for almost two hours, and it just started again and I'm pretty sure I'm going to go crazy if this lasts another two hours. Apparently since it's during the day, it isn't classified as noise pollution. What's the story? Actual protests or just jerky truckers?
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Best answer: I heard on the news this morning that there was a Trucker Protest today in regard to new emissions regulations that take place in January 2010. This was for Oakland, but would NOT be surprised if it wasn't a state or nation-wide protest.

Search Trucker's Protest Emission Standards and I bet you find something relating to your area...
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Response by poster: GENIUS. Thank you both!
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