Wanted: full sized bed rails
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Furniturefilter: I'm looking for a set of full size bed rails.

I have recently purchased a full size antique head and footboard. I am looking for a rather inexpensive way to purchase a set of rails to complete the bed. I am having absolutely no luck on a google search. Maybe there is another name for side rails that I'm missing? has anyone had any experiences with buying just the rails for a bed?
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Response by poster: Oh, I forgot to mention that I'm in the U.S.
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Would this be the same thing as a plain metal bedframe? If so, any mattress shop should be able to sell you a set for around $30. If not, ask at a mattress store anyway. They must know how you get those.
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I bought an antique spool bed at a flea market. I ended up making longer wooden side rails and slats to support the box spring. A fair amount of work, but worth it.
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Are the head and footboard of wood?

I think Nakedcodemoney may be onto something with using a metal bedframe as a skeleton to then attach the head and foot. You might also delve into a little woodworking. You will need rails milled at a hardwood supplier and attach an inner rail to carry the slats which will carry a box spring. Special bed rail hardware is used to attach the rails to the end boards. If metal... you'll need to be more specific for that answer.
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