Experiences with Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing?
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My aunt just sent me an e-mail linking to a site she set up for "Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing". Before I even brought the home page up, it felt quite a bit like Herbalife and other pyramid schemes just from reading the e-mail. Indeed, one of the first links on Google is a scam.com message board. To save me having to sort through thousands of Fortune Marketing pages on google, does anyone have any personal experience with this company or any information my aunt should be aware of?

Pyramid scheme calculator
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It's MLM. Whether it's a pyramid scheme or not depends on the ratio of payout from selling product/service to payout from signing up other resellers. This gives me pause (from their main site):

Any time you sign up a customer, you get paid 2% of their Customer Generated Usage (CGU) for as long as they use the services. When you recruit a Manager to sell Fortune products, you get a Quick Start Bonus of $100 as long as that new Manager signs up 2 customers in their first 30 days. You will also get paid for the CGU your new Representative's customers generate if you complete the simple task of signing up 3 customers.

Another tip: any time you hear phrases like "downline", you should start becoming concerned. Also, if marketing = spamming, then run away. It won't work.
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