Affordable Overnight Parking in Dublin
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I need to park a car overnight tonight in Dublin, Ireland, near the Samuel Beckett Bridge. I'd rather not spend 50 Euros, which is what the closest parking garage charges. Any recommendations?

I'm arriving in the early evening and driving to the airport early tomorrow morning. Looking to leave the car somewhere for the interim.
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The Clarion Hotel overnight parking is €14.00 - they have a restaurant and so I imagine it's not hotel guests-only, but you could give them a call to check. That would be only a few minutes away.

There's also the IFSC car park, and I could swear I saw a €12.00 overnight rate in one of Park Rite's other car parks yesterday, but again, might be worth a call.

I'm baffled about the €50 rate, and assuming you're not staying in a hotel.
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Or here's a €6 prepay overnight charge if you're leaving before 9am - it's a 20-minute walk or a taxi journey away and may not be worth the hassle, but the taxi wouldn't cost more than about €6 each way, so it's still way cheaper.
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There's a Q-Park on Marlborough Street that costs €6 for overnight parking.
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Or what carbide said...
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Are you sure you're not reading a sign wrong? €50.00 for one night's parking is insane, even by airport standards.
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Response by poster: I realized after posting that €50.00 was the rate for an entire day plus an entire night of parking in an underground garage nearby. Overnight is much less, about €15. I've parked on the street, which is only park and pay for a few more hours, and I will be leaving before it's pay again in the morning.

Thanks for the help everyone.
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