Is the sex scene in Smilla's Sense of Snow even possible?
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SexFilter: that nutty scene in Peter Hoeg's Smilla's Sense of Snow. [MI, NSFW]

So somewhere in the middle of this otherwise forgettable novel, Miss Smilla is coupling with a man, and she is described as placing her clitoris into his urethral meatus in a sort of reverse coitus.

I've never met a clitoris that would be capable of such a feat. Have any of you gentle MeFites ever participated in such a thing? Is it any fun for the penis involved?

Googling for 'clit fuck' and 'Smilla sex' is mildly amusing, by the way, but reveals only that lots of reviewers found that scene variously commentworthy or preposterous.
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I gotta say that 'urethral meatus' has to be one of the most unappealing phrases i've ever heard. good god.
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Response by poster: I believe he called it the 'slit', which is less specific. 'Meatus' is a Latin word meaning 'opening'; it has nothing to do with meat.
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It should not be too difficult to find pictures of clits clearly capable of it. A good place to start is to look into the various degrees of human hermaphrodism (which is somewhat related). Some guys apparently get off by inserting stuff into their 'urethral meatus'. Easy to look up as well.

As for personal experience: plenty of slit-to-clit contact. But it kind of never went in.
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I have never enjoyed any kind of entry into my urethra, whether clinical or erotic in intent. A tongue stud is certainly more ergonomic to use than a clitoris. I'm sure there are people who enjoy it more. But this case sounds like a bit of "hear me roar" literary twaddle.
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Some gentlemen get genital piercings which stimulate the urethra. While the mechanism described is probably more literary than literal, this category of pleasure isn't unheard of.
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Yes, some men enjoy it- "Urethral Sounds"NOT for the faint of heart **shudder**

And plenty of Clitori are large enough to penetrate. It is, after all, erectile tissue. Although I can't really see it happening. But then, I'm young and inexperienced. Ha.
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You should email Dan Savage of Savage Love. It's just the sort of thing he's best at. I'm sure he'll dig up some society of couples that do this regularly and advocate it as the one true prescription for healthy sex.
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I just picked up The History of Danish Dreams, is it not so good?
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I think this is more possible if the man is uncircumsized. I've heard of this kind of thing involving nipples too.
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