Restaurants in Brooklyn Open on Xmas?
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My family is staying with me in Brooklyn this year for Christmas. If we don't murder each other before Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, does anyone have any recommendations for good restaurants that are open on Christmas Day in Brooklyn? For Christmas Eve, we were thinking about cooking at home but also ordering in, so any recommendations for that (I live in North Park Slope, so it would have to be somewhere close by)?
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FreshDirect can deliver some really nice, par-cooked dishes.
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I can't say for sure, but I'd bet Blue Ribbon is open.
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It's a tradition (and not just a stereotype) for Jews to eat Chinese on Christmas. Pretty much any Chinese restaurant should be open, and nice restaurants, too, not just the take-out places. And the same probably goes for other non-Judeo-Christian "ethnic" food -- Indian, etc.
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I don't know if it's open, but Joy Indian Restaurant on Flatbush is awesome. I'd check with them, because they're open on many major holidays. It's also really cheap ($9 or so an entree) so eat untul you're sick to your stomach.
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I'd call Sahara on Coney Island Avenue, and ask. It would be about a 15-minute drive (or, a bit longer bus ride) for you. They're a Turkish-run establishment with awesome food, and they may not care about Xmas. But, if too many of their hispanic back-end workers aren't willing to work on the holiday, they might have to close anyway. So, yeah - ask.

Normally, I'd point you to a kosher jewish establishment, but xmas falls on a Friday this year, so you won't see any such restaurants open for dinner.

Another thought is that Junior's might also be open with a skeleton crew. But, you'd have to ask them, as I'm just guessing. They're open most of the rest of the time...
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Response by poster: If anyone cares, we ended up cooking in on Christmas Eve and went to Mee Thai on Christmas Day just because it was close to where I lived.
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