Stupid Blue Screen... Grumble Grumble.
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Problems with Kaspersky Anti-Virus and XP... Blue Screens and All! More inside.

1st I am on another computer that is right beside the one that isn't working.

I will start from the beginning. I uninstalled AVG 9.0 free so I could install Kaspersky 2010. Everything went fine there (or so I'm thinking), then during kaspersky's installation it stated that there was a "newer version" of the setup file and that it was recommended that I use that version instead. Not thinking I pressed yes. It uploaded the setup file and I got an invalid file message with the normal "Retry, Cancel, Abort, Ignore" I pressed Retry a few times and nothing happened so I pressed Ignore. After I pressed Ignore it seemed to work perfectly then it blue screened me. Now when I start the computer it runs through the BIOS perfectly then goes to the WINXP loading screen, looks like it's going to load up then goes to the blue screen.

I can start the computer in Safe Mode and I can put in the XP disk and start it in Windows Recovery mode. In windows recovery I have gone through the "ListSVC" and disabled anything that had to do with Kaspersky but I'm still blue screening when I exit and restart.

I have also tried to complete the installation of Kaspersky in Safe mode but it won't let me due to not having admin privledges.

I do not have a recovery point :( and everything worked fine before I uninstalled AVG and tried to install Kaspersky.

I'm on my 2nd cup of Strong coffee and my google fu is failing me. Help Obi One Metafilter you are my only hope!!!

Any ideas?
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What error message is the bluescreen coming with?
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Stop: 0x0000007E (0x0000005, 0xF6A08134, 0xF7D3E75C, 0xF7D3E458)

It also states that if I receive this multiple times it could be disk is full, bad driver, or I changed the Video somehow. All of these 3 are fine. One thing it did mention was I should check the memory Caching/Shadowing in the BIOS screen but I can't find it anywhere when I tried looking for it.
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This is a useful article for decoding some blue screen messages.

I installed Kaspersky 2009 on an XP machine and have been sorely disappointed. They never respond to support emails (in my experience), and I have several operational issues with it (nothing to the extent of a BSOD). I will not be using this software in the future. Very annoying.
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Boot into Windows in Safe Mode with Networking, download and run BlueScreenView and give me the error message and files associated, like in the screen shot here []. That'll help a ton as to narrowing it down.
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The error message in my example lifehacker link is the DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL. There should be a similar one there.
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I swear I picked the wrong week to quit sniffing glue.... I'm running a Win XP repair on it. I tried everything else. I got my files backup. :(

Word to the wise, don't press yes on Kaspersky 2010 when it asks you to use the "newer" setup file for it's installation or Just Don't Use Kaspersky in general.
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To get the full skinny on the DRIVER_IRQ_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL error, you have to do some in depth hackery. You need the full debug symbols installed... and a full RAM core dump. You can then view the file to find out just which driver is causing the kernel fault. This is probably more trouble than you want to go through for this...

I would recommend booting to Safe Mode and de-installing Kapersky.
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It's not that simple. Kaspersky never fully installed and had several drivers/file that were starting up. I disabled all of them but it still didn't work. And now Safe Mode isn't even working. I doubt anyone can help me at this point. I thank all of you. I might just need to bite the bullet and get a new computer. That one is about 6 years old. All the important stuff has been backed up.
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Blow windows away and reinstall it instead of buying new, if that appeals to you. It's a great thing for a computer tinkerer to learn.
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