Anxyliotics for draconian drug laws in S E Asia?
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Can I take my benzos in transit through KL international airport? I will be catching a connecting flight through Malaysia and want to know whether I will be able to bring prescription drugs safely.

I am aware of arrests of drug smugglers who were just passing through Malaysian and Singaporean airports as well as the problems people such as Grooverider have experienced in similarly draconian countries such as Dubai. I also appreciate that, if in doubt, it's best not to take a risk.

Regardless, I want to know if there is a substantial difference between carrying illicit drugs and medicines through the airport. I have a flight connection at Malaysia and want to know whether am I actually allowed to bring my benzos with me. How risky actually is it? Will I need to bring a valid prescription or will that not help me. Or is it fine as long as I am bringing obviously legit medicine rather than unlabelled baggies of loose powder. For obvious reasons I'd rather avoid any run-in with the authorities but part of me has to believe that the drug laws are vaguely reasonable with respect to medicines.
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When I went to KL, and also Dubai, the information provided by the airlines (they hand you a pamphlet) said that all prescription drugs must be clearly labeled, in their original bottles, and prescribed to you. So basically, keep it in the bottle that you get from the pharmacist. (I didn't take those types of prescription drugs with me, though.)

If you are really concerned, why not ask the Malasian embassy? Assuming you are in the US:

3516 International Court, N.W
Washington DC
District of Columbia

Phone: +1-202-5729700
Fax: +1-202-5729882
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I would always travel with prescriptions and keep the medication in its original packaging.
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