How do I obtain a certified copy of my Canadian passport?
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How do I obtain a certified copy of my Canadian passport?

I am applying for a scholarship which asks that I provide proof of my Canadian citizenship. According to the scholarship website, this is what is required:

one certified copy of the following: birth certificate, citizenship card or passport (do not include original documents). A certificate of baptism is not accepted as proof of Canadian citizenship. Photocopies of "certified copies" cannot be accepted.

What does this mean? Does the passport office offer services for obtaining a certified copy?

After some Googling, I discovered that there is a company called Red Seal Notary that seems to offer a relevant service. Is this what the scholarship website means by a certified copy?

I did find this previous AskMe, but the question was for the UK and I wanted to post a separate question for Canada, just in case.

Thanks in advance!
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Go to a notary's office with your original passport, birth certificate, other ID (drivers license, whatever), a quality color photocopy of the passport, and ask to have the passport copy notarized attesting that you really are yourself...
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Many professionals in Canada can do this - including professional engineers: How can I have copies of my identity documents certified? explains how, but the certifier needs to have known you for two years.
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I went to my bank to certify a bunch of documentsfor exactly the same purpose. They look at them, made copies and then authentified the copies. They did not charge me, but then they're great people so ymmv.
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Scruss, that link is for copies of identity documents submitted for a specific purpose to the governement. I think any other organization is going to be looking for a copy certified by a notary public.
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Yes, most banks have a notary who will do this for free (sometimes just for bank customers, sometimes for all customers). They are used to doing this and will know what you mean when you ask for a certified copy. They will need to see the original of the passport; I don't believe they will need to see any other documentation. I also don't believe the photocopy needs to be in color.
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I'm assuming that you're applying for a Foreign Government Award, since those are the only pages returned when you Google the sentences you quoted above. If so, you could always call the CBIE and ask.

teg, it's not entirely out of the question that the link scruss found is what's required. As an example of another organization with similar requirements, Canadian passport photos have to be certified by a guarantor if the applicant is applying by mail from abroad. That said, I'd still try to get in touch with the CBIE to make sure.
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Having grown up in the Internet era, it never occurred to me to just call the CBIE and ask! The representative suggested that I talk to the notary at the bank or the Justice of the Peace at my city hall -- so I guess I will be doing one of those two! Thanks!
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