Please recommend: Good leatherman-type multitool for a left-hander?
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Can someone recommend a good leatherman-type multitool for a left-hander?

Can someone recommend a good leatherman-type multitool for a left-hander?

Background: I like the Leatherman Wave, and similar tools. Note that a big draw of the Wave is that, unlike the original Leatherman, the Wave allows you to open the knife blade with one hand. And you can -- if that one hand is the right hand. Lefties can just go pound sand.

(Slight digression: It looks to me like it would be ridiculously easy for Leatherman to fix this. All they'd need to do is make the scallops in the handle symmetrical [currently, they aren't], and allow users to simply remove the blades, rearrange the order, then put them back. I sent this suggestion to Leatherman right after the Wave came out, to no avail.)

Any suggestions from multi-tool users?

- AJ
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I've had a look here and can't find anything. They have left-handed Swiss Army knives, which is as close as it gets. At any rate, perhaps a useful link to know.
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I am not a Leatherman owner / enthusiast, but this Leatherman Wave doesn't seem to have any scallops in the handle, and the blades look like they're secured with 5-point security star-drive screws. Perhaps this, coupled with the right specialty screwdriver (potentially one of these), could solve the issue for you?
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Oh wait, now I think I see what you were referring to as 'scallops.' Oh, well...
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If there isn't a better option, I'd get a Knifeless Fuse and pick up a small folding knife like the Boker Subcom. I want my pocket knife more readily accessible than my multi-tool, since it's what I use most often and when I need it I've usually already got one hand busy, so it's nice to have something small clipped to my pocket. I've never liked the knives on Leatherman tools much anyway. Side benefit: you can carry the Knifeless Fuse on a plane.
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Lefty here; I just replaced my Wave with a Skeletool and have found that it's a lot easier to open the knife with my left hand than it was on the Wave, even though it's still on the wrong side.

p.s. Do not use a Wave to try to chop wood.
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Yeah, the skeletool is one I've looked at. And I will check out the fusion, though I don't know if carrying that AND a pocketknife is for me. - AJ
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