Sun Type 6 Keyboard in Windows
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I came into possession of a Sun type 6 keyboard and want to see how much use I can get out of it in Windows.

Having dedicated cut,copy,paste keys is just awesome. After exhaustive googling, i've seen others asking about drivers come up empty. There was a half english half japanese website that I found that tried but only got about halfway.

Is there any software that I can use to see what keys windows is even seeing as a first step to using them in macros or such?
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I've used a Type 6 on a Mac, and found that I could remap those fancy keys with a shareware thing called ControllerMate.

I bet any of the Windows drivers for joysticks would work, the ones where you assign a raw signal to some keyboard key, so that pressing Up on the analog equals numpad-8 or whatnot.
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A quick google turned up this AutoHotkey, I don't run windows but I am sure you could give it a quick try and record macros by pressing the custom keys and assign actions.
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I've used AutoHotKey before, but I'm not sure if there's anything that would allow me to simply press a button and see if the computer recognizes it. I know that there when writing a script I could use short hand for specific keys, but that would be a key that would be standard on a keyboard.
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Here is a generic one. No idea if it's any good, but I still think that game-controller mapping is your best bet.
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I think this might be what you need in regards to autohotkey.
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I just tried both AHK's built in keyboard hook and the linked DLLCall's detection and got nothing from the additional keys. I may just be out of luck...
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I've seen a few pages where people get the keyboards to work in Unix OSes.
The best thing I found involved making a converter for the older serial cable keyboards to USB
But I don't think any of the work would apply to the USB version...
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This is the site I mention previously, again, this is a hardware solution for the serial type keyboards, but I'm not sure if any of the work would apply to the USB version.
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