What is a good sealant for very porous wood?
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I am in search of a good sealer for a wood carving that was done with very porous wood. Before it is waxed I want to seal it. It is hard to find a good site for wood sculptor's
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General Finishes is good. Because it is porous wood be sure to apply a pre-stain conditioner before sealing. I don't know about waxing - My woodworking is limited to the oil sealer and oil urethane top coat variety.
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Shellac. Easy to apply, non toxic (it is used to coat food), and most finishes will stick to it. Wax for sure. If you want to minimise colour change use super blond. It'll take a few coats in a really porous material but a 1 to 2 lb cut will dry fast. A dozen coats in a day is do able.
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Perhaps the Compleat Sculptor has your flavour? They're been very nice and helpful whenever I have dealt with them.
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I've had great luck just using wax on porous woods (though usually in a more furniture like form). Just play with the ratios of wax - oil 'till you get something you like. Buff it out after each coat to your liking.
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You might ask at the Finishing and Refinishing forum at Wood Magazine's discussion board. Be sure you specify what type of wood, some oily woods require special prep before finishing, as I have found out the hard way.
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