Firefox (version .9) freezing problems
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FirefoxFilter: My Firefox freezes continually. Any remedies/notions on where I could download 0.9? [MI]

I'd been using FF 0.9 for a year or so, and after I upgraded to 1.0, it's been freezing continually, particularly when submitting forms or just viewing lots of images. I've followed all the support advice, gotten an entirely new Firefox installation, gotten a new profile, gotten rid of all extensions. Nothing working. Windows 2000. And it's only Firefox that causes it to freeze, IE is fine.

Anyone in a similar situation? Any remedies? Failing those, anyone know where I can download Firefox 0.9 again?
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Prior releases can be had at

You might want to check at to see if anybody's had this problem.
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I'd check on #firefox first. Never been a problem they couldn't help me with.

What's your Firefox memory usage look like? Reducing my memory cache size has stopped it from ballooning over 100 MiB.
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Response by poster: FF is using around 18500 K.
(Is that bad?)

I did ask the folk at mozillazine.

They suggested I get a new installation and profile.

Thanks for the link to previous releases, I'll go back to 0.9 if need be.

But any other ideas?
posted by Count Ziggurat at 3:27 PM on January 15, 2005

Count Ziggurat: that's when it first starts up. But try to reproduce the crash behavior. View a big image gallery or something. Then check the memory profile.
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You could try disabling as many of your extensions as you feel you can; then bring them back one by one until it starts to fail again.

My experience: I had this kind of behavior a lot when still using 1.0pr0. It was nearly impossible to figure out what precipitated the event.

I still get it from time to time in 1.0, but the characteristics are somewhat different. One typical scenario works like this: I'll load some page, and Firefox will either hang or exit with a crash message. If I restart and use history to go back to the same page, exactly the same thing will happen. If I restart, exit, start again, then go back to the offending page, it would load normally without crashing.

Firefox is a weird beast sometimes. If it weren't for the extensions, I'd use Mozilla instead. Which is one option, incidentally: If you're not using any extensions that aren't included in Mozilla, then try Mozilla 1.7.5. It's solid as a rock, in my experience. Memory footprint is about the same between the two (actually somewhat larger for Firefox in some cases).
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I used to constantly get Firefox freezes (usually when loading particular sites -- for example, Monkeyfilter often did it, Metafilter never did). Turns out it had something to do with the bazillion fonts I had installed. Remove fonts, no more problems.
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Here is a question for you: before installing 1.0, did you COMPLETELY remove all earlier versions from your system? Installing 1.0 on top of earlier version(s) is known to cause instability.
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Don't downgrade to 0.9 without being aware of the multitude of security holes that might leave you vulnerable. Detailed Changelog with security fixes is here.
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Also, the moox optimized builds seem to have fixed the freezing in my case.
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Response by poster: Am using a moox build and it seems a fair bit better so far.
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