Where can I get Bendaroos at a retail store in NYC today?
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Where can I get Bendaroos at a retail store in Brooklyn or Manhattan (or Queens, if it comes to that) today? Our NYC Winter Wishes letter got shuffled around from forwarding addresses a bunch and we just got it yesterday, so I don't have time to order online.
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Toys 'R' Us is your starting point. Broadway and 44th St (phone 646-366-8800), 901 Ave of the Americas (no phone number given) or you could try Babies 'R' Us in Union Square (212-798-9905, and where they also have great bathrooms, btw).
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Er, I included the bathroom information because finding a public bathroom in Manhattan can be a bitch sometimes. Nothing to do with the Bendaroos, I am just a bottomless mine of useless (and sometimes useful) information.
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I just saw them in a Bed, Bath, & Beyond. Granted, I'm in Arizona but I see there are stores there where you need - perhaps worth a call.
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Response by poster: Great, thank you!
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Best answer: There is an "As Seen On TV" store in the South Street Seaport that says they have them. (I just called.)
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Also, the Wikki Stix Site has a list of store locations.
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I played with Wikki Stix as a child and had an awesome time. But that was on a long road trip. They were great in the car. I think it depends on the kid. They things might be a different/lower quality these days. I don't have recent experience with them.
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