I need email updates on my blackberry from a private authenticated rss feed.
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I need to be notified on my blackberry of RSS events on a secure authenticated RSS feed. These notifications can be sms texts or preferably plain text emails. They could and should filter for keywords as the site doesn't as far as I can tell. I was thinking of using yahoo pipes but I have no idea how to start but I've heard its a good way to start.

I'm looking for ways to be notified immediately of events on member sites I go to. One in particular is https://ssl.what.cd and a keyword would be something like "freeleech". Its the only example that I can think of right now but I have many other uses for something like this any insight related to fulfilling my need here is fully appreciated.

Also if this (assuming but not limited to the use of yahoo pipes) pipe could also benefit from being able to push this feed to google reader as it would be nice to find a way to get authenticated feeds in google reader.

Please if you must troll over invites and morality issues please restrict them to direct messages to my user via mefimail I would prefer to keep this questions answers related to solving my problem and not a possible piracy flame war when that is not the focus of this question it was only an example.
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Pipes looks like it would do it. There are authentication based feed modules, feed search modules and output to email. Other RSS to e-mail systems don't seem to handle authentication.
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Best answer: One possible solution:

1) Use yahoo pipes to subscribe to the feed. A quick google search seems to indicate that others have used it with authenticated feeds before, so copy what they've done. You can then filter it for the keywords you want. Note that this is going to make the resulting feed quasi-public. If you don't share the URL and make the pipe private, it's a minimal risk, though.

2) subscribe to the yahoo pipes feed with one of many RSS to Email apps.

Note that this solution isn't going to give you instantaneous results - There will be a delay because Pipes will only check the feed every so often, and the same goes for the RSS 2 email app.
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Be careful relying on any free RSS to Email service. Both Rssfwd and Sendmerss just shut down without much notification until after they stopped sending out emails.
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