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Looking for recommendations of learning podcasts similar to "Physics for future presidents"

I just finished listening to the podcasts of the class "Physics for Future Presidents" taught by Richard Muller at UC Berkley and it left me thirsty for more knowledge. For those not familiar with it, the class explains many physics concepts in a way that non-physics students can understand, including many of their day to day applications. I graduated with a biology degree more than 10 years ago and would like to broaden my knowledge of various fields for personal enrichment. The podcast format works great for me because I can listen to them while at work in the lab. Does anyone know of any other podcasts that would give you an overview/refresher of a field like chemistry, psychology, ecology, etc? I would like to be able to have intelligent conversations about other things besides genetics and photography.
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There are a lot of stunningly shitty math podcasts out there, but this one isn't bad. Higher math doesn't lend itself terribly well to being discussed in podcast format, so it mostly focuses on applications, but it's interesting to hear what people are doing.
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