Looking for a Henry Rollins Recording
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I'm looking for a Henry Rollins spoken word recording that may not exist!

A bunch of years back I remember hearing a Henry Rollins stand up spoken word performance where he talked about (among other things) looking in the mirror one morning and being shocked to see a man instead of a boy looking back.

I've gone through all the recordings I own and I haven't been able to find it. Does this exist in recorded form or am I making it up?
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This sounds like something from the (written) essay Iron and the Soul.
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Not sure about audio recording but he talks about something like this on the Up For It dvd. Goes on about how he's getting wrinkles in his face, which is insulting since nothing has been funny for twenty-five years and what the hell was a hardcore dude like him doing smiling enough to cause wrinkles.

That DVD was filmed in London around 2001, which overlaps audio-wise with Talk is Cheap Vol. 1-2.

Not sure if that's the exact bit you're thinking about though, since I can't really find anything about seeing a man in the mirror instead of a boy, but he comes close. Maybe that's just how he phrased it when you saw him live once.
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"The Undoing of a Man (Pt. 1)" on the album Live at the Westbeth Theater is about the different perceptions he's had of himself from age 12-38. Though he doesn't talk about looking into a mirror, his description of turning 35 is all about the shock of looking older. At one point he mentions the experience of looking at his passport photo and thinking, "Damn, I'm looking like somebody's dad."
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