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[CarTalkFilter] '94 Buick with electronic heat & a/c controls. External temperature reads 94 degrees F (it's currently around 10 above). What do I check out to fix this? [more inside]

This is a 94 Park Avenue with the pushbutton electronic controls where you set the desired temp rather than slide levers, etc. The outside temp reading always reads WAY hotter than it really is. I bought this car last fall when it was in the 50s and at that time it read over 120 degrees as the outside temp. Not really a big deal but I think that this temperature reading MAY be used by the computer to control A/C compressor cycling. I've noticed in 20 degree temps if I have it set to the HEAT setting the A/C compressor cycles on and off (burning extra gas unnecessarily).

How would I go about troubleshooting this? A bad sensor somewhere? But where is it located? I was going to pick up a Chilton book for this car but little things like this aren't always detailed in them so I figured I'd ask here to see if anyone has any ideas.
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IIRC, the sensor is in the duct that's on the right-hand side of the grille, below the front bumper. I'm positive it sits ahead of the radiator, at least. At any rate, any decently-stocked library should have an "electrical component locator" available, and it's a fairly simple matter to look it up - assuming you're anywhere near a library.
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Response by poster: Thanks crash. I'll check that out.
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