Help! I need some Beatles!
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Making a Beatles DVD from YouTube videos. Looking for suggestions for clips.

For our family's second annual MAKE our Christmas presents party, I drew my sister-in-law. She's a huge Beatles fan. She owns a fair amount of albums and reads every book about the Beatles she can get her hands on, so I was thinking of grabbing a bunch of YouTube videos and making a DVD compilation. (I'm also going to make a few other things, just in case you think this is too weak from a maker standpoint.) I realize they won't be HD quality (to say the least), but she won't care. She's not web savvy, so she'll never find this stuff on her own and would just be happy to have it.

The question is, if I want to make a 30-45 minute DVD, what YouTube videos should I grab? I searched YT for rare Beatles stuff, but I quickly realized--being only a casual fan myself--I don't really know what would turn a die-hard fan on.

I thought this would be a fun beginning, and I think this Lennon song would be great too, but after that I'd love to hear your suggestions. Rare stuff in general would be great, but fantastic clips of their more familiar stuff would be fine too. I'm thinking I'd like this to be more music video than a behind-the-scenes documentary, but I'm happy to hear all vid suggestions.

She's the kind of person who would put such DVD on in the background and play it over and over. If you were her, what clips would you want on such a DVD?

Much obliged for your help.
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I'm not up on what the current practice is, but there are (or were) ways to get the highest quality version of a video from youtube by inserting something like ftm=NN, where NN designates a two-digit format code. As you note, these won't be great quality videos: most will have some problems other than low-bitrate encoding for the web. But this will help you maximize the quality of your sources for whatever they're worth.
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These might be of use:

Website that highlights Beatles videos on Youtube

Another website with interesting videos about the Beatles on Youtube

Try searching on Google for lists of Beatles + Youtube. There were lots of links I saw that way.

Good luck!
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the beatles singing in german is always great, and this clip is decent
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I love this Tina Turner cover of "Come Together". Not sure if homage counts though.
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My best girlfriend and I were hardcore Beatles fans since we were kids. We loved the Magical Mystery Tour movie (which, in those pre-VCR days, meant we had to not only pay to see it at an artsy movie house somewhere, we also had to get a parent to drive us there) and saw it eight times in one month. Our very favorite scene begins in this clip at about 5:20, when John gives little Nicola the balloon.
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There is a lot of amazing, non official material out there that I greatly enjoy as a Beatle fan. From the complete collection of Christmas Greetings to the recently release, pristine copy of their demo album, to fantastic concert footage from the '65 tour. This is the stuff I love watching and listening to.

If you would like more info let me know.

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