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Where can I find reasonably verbose Battlestar Galactica (2004+) summaries?

I am looking for spoiler/synopses of every season of the new Battlestar Galactica. Something that can do an ok job of synthesizing results between episodes, and more than just the 2 sentence published summaries that are often vague about key events (like: "the final 5 cylon humanoids are revealed").

Google has too many bad results, and I figured it would be better to network the hive mind together for this... I would like to spend no more than an hour reading the whole thing.
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You want Television Without Pity.
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Batllestar Wiki.
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The battlestar wiki has episode synopses for every episode, all four seasons, lots of detail, background and crosslinking.
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I'm sort of surprised that you haven't tried this, but wikipedia almost always has ridiculously good TV synopses, and their Battlestar Galactica Episodes page is no exception. Just click on names of episodes, and you'll get 3-5 paragraph entries on each one.
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TwoP will give it to you with a level of snark usually that BWiki won't. I appreciate that but some don't.
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Response by poster: I was really disappointed in Wikipedia--still holding out for something where I don't have to click through 12 times a season, but I guess it's a way of layering the spoilers.
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Yeah, TWOP. The guy who did their Battlestar recaps redefined "verbose."
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It will take way more than an hour to read the TWOP recaps, and I don't think they'll give you the level of summary you're looking for -- in this case, they're more philosophical analyses than recaps.
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You can read the recaplets though for the episodes on TwoP, which are much shorter and give you more of a summary of what happened as opposed to the sometimes 30 page philosophical treaties on the episodes that the recapper did.

I believe you just go to the page where the recap is and at the top is a link that says something along the lines of 'if you're in a hurry, read the recaplet'
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The other nice thing about the TWOP recaps is they keep track of continuity. The recapper(s) make reference to events and allusions from previous episodes, so you get a full feel for the story being told. It adds nicely to the depth of the review.

But yes, he's very opinionated and snarky -- all TWOP reviewers are. That isn't necessarily a bad thing with BSG.
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