Keyboard for my HTPC setup?
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Recommendations for a good HTPC (home theater PC) keyboard?

I've got an old laptop I've hooked up to my television, and I'd like to be able to browse the web and operate my computer from the couch.

I was wondering if there were any dedicated keyboard/mouse combos for this task?
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I have an apple wireless keyboard, mostly because:

- it is metal and durable
- it is tiny

It works fine with windows, as well.
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I have a diNovo Edge [google] and I loooove it.

It's a bit on the pricey side overpriced, but it has excellent key feel and it looks nice. The build quality is solid. The battery lasts about 3 months, as a primary keyboard, between charges (a full charge between leaving and coming back from work). The bluetooth connectivity (via bundles dongle) (if you don't get a defective unit; my first was, and Logitech sent me a new unit no questions asked) is quite reliable and the range is at least 7 or 8 meters (yards).

One potential downside is that it doesn't have a built-in keypad if your software uses that for navigation, but it includes a circular trackpad (which works fine; the 'extra' stuff like wipe scrolling doesn't work so well for me) that obviates also having a wireless mouse (and surface for it).
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There are many. Most suck. The Logitech diNovo Mini Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard is the best I have found so far. Pricey, though.

I also have one of these Microsoft Remote Keyboards, but I find the pointing nipple to be annoying and hard to use. As a keyboard, it's nice though, and thin enough to slide between the cushions. It has TV on/off and channel changing buttons too.

That Apple wireless keyboard CharlesV42 mentions is great, but it's a keyboard only with no pointing device. I'd kill for a version of that with a trackpad.
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I use us the logitech mediaboard pro. It's desiged for the ps3, but works like a charm with my mac mini.
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I bought a Gear Head Multimedia Keyboard and Optical Mouse set from Fry's a year or two back, it's pretty good. It doesn't have the features of some higher-end keyboards like the Edge, but it's cheap.
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I also use the apple wireless keyboard mentioned above, but I paired it with a logitech wireless trackball for those times you need some pointing device. I'm actually looking at converting over to slide's device so I only have to dig up one thing from the couch, though.
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I use one of these on my HTPC. I picked it up on ebay for rather cheap. The built in trackball works well.

Recently I have started to use my iPhone with the airmouse app. It works VERY well for browsing and using the OS. Probably next to useless for typing though.
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