Where to find candy supplies in Boston?
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Where can I find candy making supplies near Boston?

Specifically, I'm looking for things like flavoring oils and dyes, and I'm hoping to avoid paying the shipping fees for a rush order from an online source.

Anywhere near Boston would be good, though if there's a place in the city proper or along Rte 1 anywhere that would be extra special good. Thanks.
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Craft stores usually have some supplies. Do you have a Michael's or Jo-Ann's nearby?
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There used to be a great chef's supply place in the North End on Hampshire St. (?). Don't know if it's still there.
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Try Vernas on Mass Ave in Cambridge
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Verna's is no longer open, I don't think. Michael's has some stuff, and the A.C. Moore in Mystic has some stuff, but flavored oils are best available at the Alewife Whole Foods. I'm making taffy, gumdrops, marshmallows and fudge w. stuff I bought there. The smaller WFs don't seem to carry any of those supplies.
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(In a pinch you can MeFi me and I'll get you extras from my stock)
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The iParty on Soldiers Field Rd in Brighton has flavorings, molds, and other supplies.
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Thanks everybody. The iParty turned out not to have flavors, but I did end up stocking up on stuff for Christmas truffles. Will try one of the others after work tomorrow.
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Lorraine's Cake Supply is a bit further than you were hoping, definitely has colors, and might have flavors (I'd call first).

They're in Hanover MA, which is about 30 mins south of Boston if you go not during rush hour.

Christina's in Inman square might also be worth calling for extracts.
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So I ended up getting enough of what I needed for supplies (lollipop sticks/wrappers) from the iParty, and some extracts from Whole Foods. My class made lollipops today, and loved it. Thanks, all.
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