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Snuggie vs. Snuggie for Kids for an 11-year-old?

OK, I'm embarrassed about this, but I'm going ahead and hopping on the Snuggie bandwagon for all my immediate family members for Xmas. I'm all set to purchase adult-size Snuggies for my husband and tall 16yo stepson and a Snuggie for Kids for my small 9yo stepdaughter.

It's my 11yo stepdaughter that I'm not sure about. She's somewhere between 4'10" and 5 feet, and I don't want to buy a kid one if it's going to turn out to be too short, but neither do I want to buy an adult one if it's going to be too long and draggy. (Yes, they're mostly for cuddling on the sofa but I fully expect that there'll be snuggied people traipsing around the house at intervals, and I don't want her to trip.)

Anyhoo, I've never actually seen one of the wretched things out of the box so I'm honestly not sure what kind of length I'm dealing with. I'd love input from anyone who has them, particularly short folks who have the adult size.
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Sorry, not experienced with Snuggies, but they seem easy to hem if necessary, so I'd go with the long one and an offer to get it hemmed if it's too long.
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Surely, this will be an heirloom to cherish. Why risk it being too small?
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She'll grow, and if she doesn't grow, she'll learn to tie things up with a belt. I'd go with the longer one if I were you. I'm five feet tall and have cold feet, so it's always annoying when the smaller sized warm & cuddly things don't reach to the floor for me.
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My 11 year old son loves his adult sized Snuggie, he's shorter than your stepdaughter. I'm 5'1" and often steal his Snuggie and the extra length is nice to have to ensure toes are not exposed.

We have the microplush version, it's 71" long. Costco has them for $15. I thought my son was nuts for wanting one but now we all regularly fight over who gets to use it.
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I think you should purchase the adult-sized Snuggie. I'm 5'4'' and sometimes my feet stick out of my Snuggie... nothing worse than cold feet!
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If there's a color you like that isn't sold out yet, I'd say get an adult-sized Slanket. They're of a higher quality than the Snuggies.
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She's 11 and will be bummed if she gets a "kids" snuggie. Seriously, get the big one.
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what's the diff between the snuggie and the slanket?
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Slanket vs. Snuggie
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Neither, get a Slanket. What's that, haven't heard of a Slanket? It's the much higher-quality product that Snuggie ripped off.

Seriously. A Slanket.
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Hard data
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FWIW I know two people who bought snuggies. Both were very disappointed.

One made versions of her own out of custom (ie., she picked the material from a fabrics store) material and re-designed their (much superior) own.

At first, I read the question as to what baby/toddler diapers to buy
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I am 5'9" and my Snuggie is huge on me. It's fine for lying down but even when I hike it up I still trip over it if I try to walk around. I'd get the kid one. (Maybe they come in different lenghts? I have no idea how it wouldn't reach the floor on someone 5'4") And I think it's a great gift- simultaneously warm and hilarious. Don't listen to the haters.
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Go big, and think about getting the Slanket instead.
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I'm a smidge over 5'1" and have an adult Slanket (the snuggies are thin in comparison.) I feel a bit drowned in it, which is *awesome*. Once seated/lounging, one can tuck the bottom of the Slanket under one's feet. As such, it is not for walking around in - it is for reading or 'slanking' on the couch or reading upright in bed - but it becomes possible, with practice on a clear floor, to grab the edges of the Slanket like a huffy 19th woman in her skirts and ambulate to another room.
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I've got the Slanket in Ruby Red--and it is awesome--very thick, soft, warm and comfy.
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chiming in to agree with all the get-a-slanket-not-a-snuggie comments—the snuggie is thin and not very warm, the slanket is thick and awesome. i love my slanket! and yes, 11 is an age where you'd be bummed to get the kids version of anything, so get your 11-year-old a slanket.
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