What are your favorite online retailers that sell artisanal or handcrafted products?
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What are your favorite online retailers that sell artisanal or handcrafted products?

I'm in the midst of Christmas shopping right now, and I'm buying a lot of stuff on Etsy and from a few other independent retailers.

This has got me interested in finding some other suggestions for some great products. Here are some that I have come across through various sources over the past few weeks:

Homegrown Herb & Tea: Different herbal tea mixes.

Valerie Confections: Gourmet chocolates.

Lola Granola: Small batch granola.

Other suggestions? Individual Etsy shops are also welcomed.
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Queenbee Creations bags and wallets are all made by hand in the USA. They're a full-fledged company with employees and a studio, but everything is done by hand by real people. I have two bags (a trucker and truckette) and a wallet (what is now called the maximo) and I can vouch for the quality. They're awesome!
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This is on a bigger scale (international artisanal products) than your links, but buying gifts from Ten Thousand Villages makes me feel all fuzzy inside because it is fair trade. I usually shop in the actual stores, but they do sell items online.
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Have you seen the MeFi Mall?

A friend of mine makes herbal teas.

My husband & I make drums.
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For unique gifts, you might check out this nice Native American beadwork from two Blackfeet women. The bracelets in particular could be good gifts.
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Here are a few folks I know who are worthy of promotion:

Gail Ambrosius Chocolates (truffles, caramels, sauces, bars, the works)
David Bacco Chocolats (same as above, but shinier and foofier, with fancier combinations -- both are awesome)
LuSa Organics (foofy yet simple bath, body and baby stuff)
Wear With Style! (The Jayne Cobb hat, in kits or preknit, as close to authentic as you can get!)

Larger, but still custom:
The Soap Opera (custom scented body products of all kinds, as well as classic and European stuff)
Penzeys Spices (probably the best US spice retailer, with many original spice mixtures -- among other things -- that make awesome gifts.)
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Best answer: This site is like Etsy, only a bit more upscale, and they have some very interesting items.
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Papaver Vert sells some amazingly well crafted felted wool bowls and vases and such. Absolutely beautiful.
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Deborah Wilson's carved jade pendants.
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I'm quite a fan of Moop and their handmade bags. Their studio is in Pittsburgh.
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My friend Jenny has just started an Etsy store called Jenny Fields Fiber. She makes scarves. I’m getting one as a present.
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I think I messed up the URL:

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I love Lilypad Bathworks bath and body stuff. Great products and amazing customer service.

If you want to try several independent retailers, I'll recommend The Little Black Box. Each month you can order a package with 13-15 (sometimes more) samples from different companies. They cost $17 and the contents vary each month. (The last box I received had all sorts of things - note pads, candles, body butter, jewelry, soap, even dog treats - all handmade!)
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Best answer: See also Foodzie, which is like Etsy for food.
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