Foam Bookmarks, the fewer the better!
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Can you help me find these foam bookmarks in quantities of less than 72?

I need to find foam bookmarks--preferably in quantities of five or less!--for a gift.

As these bookmarks will be replacements of ones lost on a trip recently, she has a specific image of what she wants in mind already. These bookmarks are exactly what she had, but 72 bookmarks would last her the rest of her life.

The name of a manufacturer might help narrow my googling down, but really what I want is to know if anyone, anywhere sells foam bookmarks in the style noted above, but in smaller quantities.

The birthday in question is before Christmas, so bonus points for something I can go out and pick up (in the greater San Diego area) rather than order online. This is not a deal breaker, though.
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It's $5.99 for 72. Less than six dollars. Just buy them and donate the excess to a library.
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I've seen similar bookmarks at michael's before so maybe at other craft stores, not those bookmarks specifically but I think a valentine's day set of twelve, worth investigating perhaps .
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It's definitely not the cost of the bookmarks that bothers me; it's the waste of having so many.

I work at a library--we wouldn't have any use for foam bookmarks and I'm trying to think of a library that would (frankly, I'm happy to mail the extras to anyone at all who might have use for them).

In the meantime, though, my interest is in finding a smaller quantity of those bookmarks specifically. If that doesn't exist, I'll buy the 72 pack.
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I second buying the 72 bookmarks and then starting an AskMefi thread re: "Who wants free bookmarks for the holidays?"
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If it doesn't need to be those ones exactly (but stylistically similar), you might try Borders, Barnes and Noble, or Joann Fabrics (or any fabric store) near you. Amazon also has some foam ones in smaller quantities.

A teacher supply store might also have some (Lakeshore Learning, for example). (And, for that matter, if you buy the 72 and decide not to go the MeFi thread route, you may find that a local school has use for the remainder).
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And back to say that Oriental Trading, while they don't have the exact same ones, has foam ones in the same shape with lots of customization options in quantities of 12 to 20.
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Oh. And rereading question (sorry, didn't realize you wanted the exact same ones), here's the same ones in a quantity of 12 for $1.
posted by eleanna at 4:48 PM on December 12, 2009 work at a library and you don't have any use for bookmarks? Why not leave them out for patrons? Or if you have a reading program for kids, they can be prizes.
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radioamy, I work at an academic library. By the time the 'kids' step in the door, we're hoping they can already read.

In any case, eleanna's link looks like the best option for me. Thanks everybody!
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